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Cool Hunting Tokyo – Yosemite Camera Strap

Cool Hunting Tokyo – Yosemite Camera Strap

Want to put some outdoorsy goodness into you next photo assignment? The Yosemite Camera Strap is just the thing. This clever climbing inspired product is the brainchild of Japanese photographer and adventurer Shinichi Izaki. I met Shinichi when I was in recently in Tokyo looking for a new camera strap for my 5D. Trying to avoid the standard issue Canon strap, I stumbled across Shinichi’s Yosemite Strap in a hipster Shibuya camera store. Made from actual high strength climbing rope and available in 8mm and 10mm, the Yosemite Strap comes in a range of great colours which will be limited to only 30 -70 straps each. If you want to put a touch of adventure into every photo, sling one of these around your neck and start shooting. You can buy the Yosemite Strap here

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