Andrew Englisch | Creative Director | | Services
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Creative Direction

Every great campaign starts with a tiny seed of an idea that often takes shape in the pages of a moleskin, back of a coaster or if desperate, food stained lunchtime napkin. My ideas are nurtured with the legendary Palomino Blackwing Pencil which is always kept dangerously sharp and is capable of churning out scamps quicker than a quad core mac pro on overdrive.


Mies Van de Rohe said that god is in the detail and I tend to agree, which is why design is still the cornerstone of everything I work on. The touchpoints may have changed but the objective is still the same. Develop a unique, relevant and beautifully executed campaign and your company stands the best chance of success.


With a love of adventure and passion for photography I am fortunate to travel the world exploring its natural beauty and social diversity through the 24-70mm lens of my Canon 5D. I’m a big fan of participatory and documentary style photography and am happiest when creating stories about the amazing landscapes and people who inhabit them.


Content is King and people demand rich, engaging video. There is no better way to develop a deep connection between your brand and your loyal followers then producing great stories in bite sized chunks. 30 seconds is all you need.


With over 15 years expertise developing creative strategies for leading local and international brands, I have developed a unique and highly effective strategic process that is specifically tailored to the adventure, tourism and lifestyle brands.